Team Workflows

Team workflows are ways for teams to get their subtitling work done. Team workflows compliment the Subtitle Workflows and add team-specific features.

Team workflows are responsible for:
  • Providing a SubtitleWorkflow for team videos
  • Handling the workflow settings page
  • Handling the dashboard page
  • Creating extra tabs or the teams section
class teams.workflows.teamworkflows.TeamWorkflow(team)
label = NotImplemented

Human-friendly name for this workflow. This is what appears on the team creation form.

workflow_settings_view = NotImplemented

view function for the workflow settings page.


Do any additional setup for newly created teams.


Get the SubtitleWorkflow for a video with this workflow.


Get extra team pages to handle this workflow.

These pages will be listed as tabs in the team section. Workflows will typically use this for things like dashboard pages.

Parameters:-- user viewing the page (user) –
Returns:class:TeamPage objects
Return type:list of

Get extra team settings pages to handle this workflow.

This works just like extra_pages(), but the pages will show up as tabs under the settings section.

Parameters:-- user viewing the page (user) –
Returns:class:TeamPage objects
Return type:list of
class teams.workflows.teamworkflows.TeamPage(name, title, url)

Represents a page in the team’s section


machine-name for this tuple. This is value to use for current in the _teams/tabs.html template


human friendly tab title


URL for the page

class teams.workflows.old.workflow.OldTeamWorkflow(team)

Workflow for old-style teams

We have tried to tackle the issue of team workflows in several ways. The most infamous has to be the tasks sytem. This class acts the glue between the new workflow components and the old systems.

The plan is to migrate all our teams from OldTeamWorkflow to newer workflow styles. At that point we can get rid of OldTeamWorkflow and also probably a bunch of other things like the tasks code, the Workflow table, several Team model fields, etc.